About Alliance United

Hi, welcome to Alliance United.

We are a friendly (& alt-friendly), casual raiding WoW guild. We can be found on the US-Caelestrasz (PvE) Oceanic server - and more recently have been branching out to The Jekk'Jekk Tar SWTOR server.  Our members are mostly in NZ and Australia and we cater to NZ and Perth (and in-between) timezones. 

We are looking for raiders to join our Thu, Fri and Sat night raids from 8:30pm ST.  All skill levels, toon levels and casual raiders are welcome.

For non-raiders, levellers and those new to the game there is always someone willing to assist and help out.

If you are already part of our guild, or would like to apply for membership, then feel free to create an account (top right) and apply for guild membership - or speak with Shadorn in game.

NOTE:  If you are seeing this message, then you are not logged in as a member of the site.  This means a lot of the content is hidden from you.  If you are a member, please log in.

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